Meat produce

Lamb is one of the most popular meats used in Tatarian, Uzbek, Turkish, Buryat and other national cuisines. In its chemical composition, lamb is close to pork, but it is much more wholesome. Lamb is a source of vitamins and minerals, and it is considered to be a dietary product due to its nutritive properties.

Beef is the most popular meat. It boasts the best dietary properties and a high nutritional value. Beef contains the most iron; its key characteristic is the contents of native protein helping to oxygenate body cells. Beef is rich in vitamins, micro and macro elements and low-value proteins (elastin and collagen).

Quail meat
Quail meat was considered a delicacy back in the ancient Russia, and was served to Tsars. Hunting for quail was not only a way of getting this tasty and nutritious product, but a special type of entertainment as well. In its nutritive profile, quail meat supersedes dunghill hen meat and even rabbit meat. This product is considered dietary and is recommended as a source of essential for elements for people.